IAMCR 2013 – Dublin (Ireland)

The Meaning of `Whiteness´ to People working in Chung King Mansions

Conference Theme: Crises, `Creative Destruction´ and the Global Power and Communication orders

When: 25-29 June 2013

Where: Dublin

Paper presented: The Meaning of `Whiteness´ to People working in Chung King Mansions

Scholars: Alice Yang Cheng and Nicholas Chan

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This is a presentation about the topic „Whiteness” used in Communication theories that refers to the privileged treatment people receive due to being considered as “white” or having “white skin”. In Hong Kong (former British colony) “being white” is still an economic and cultural privilege (Leonard, 2008).

The authors intend exploring the meaning of whiteness to people working in Chungking Mansions, a guesthouse complex in the middle of Tsim Sha Tsui (tourist area). CKM represents a multi-cultural microcosm, where people from South East Asia, Middle East, Africa, (and other countries) live, work, and trade with “low-end globalization” goods (Gordon Matthews; 2011). “White people” go there mainly out of curiosity or for cheap accommodation.

One paper or presentation certainly is not able to cover the whole truth and does not claim to have the last word on the subject. However, it shall be one more stepping stone to contribute to society and further communications research.

The paper was written by Alice Yang Cheng and Nicholas Chan (The Chinese University of Hong Kong).


• Leonard, P. (2008). Organizing Whiteness: Gender, nationality and subjectivity in postcolonial Hong Kong, Gender, Work & Organization. 17(3). 340-358.

• Mathews, G. (2011). Ghetto at the center of the world. London: The University of Chicago Press.


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“Win Quadrat Zukunftskonferenz” – Western Union – Eisenstadt (Austria)

“Cultural diverse Talent Acquisition of the Future”

(Eastern Europe & Baltics Region)

Group: Western Union

Host: WIN Quadrat (Win Square) was hosted by the Vienna Management Club

Location: Schloss Esterházy (Eisenstadt in Burgenland)

In 2010 I was admitted to the “Win Quadrat Zukunftskonferenz” by Western Union.

We were focusing on challenges and solutions the coming young professionas and companies will have to master in  order to succeed in an ever changing world.


Some Impressions:

A wam welcome :)


Our Group with Team leader Christian Dorfinger


Finding Solutions as a Team


A team mate and I (in the middle) had the honour to present the final results